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PR Disasters & Summer Fun!

“What a disaster!” 

Every PR Pro has said this at any given time in his or her career.  Trust me.  This has happened.

A perfect plan gone awry!  But, disasters can turn into daring PR rescues.  How sweet this is!  I can personally recount disasters-to-rescues from my PR travels in Australia, Japan, Iraq, Seattle, and New Orleans.  There are some fundamental skills you need to avert disaster and look unfazed in the midst of mayhem.   

Wednesday, June 14 our PRSA Luncheon topic will be “PR Disasters & Daring Rescues!”  A few of our board members and yours truly will discuss our experiences – in a few minutes per “incident” panel discussion.  Attendees can also share their “Disaster & Rescue” stories.  We hope to see you June 14th!  You will learn invaluable lessons on how to mitigate these disasters or find a solution on-the-fly.   Don’t miss it!

Turn on the local news and you’ll see an extremely competent PR professional.  At our June 14th Luncheon, we are going to present El Paso County Sheriff PIO Jacqueline Kirby our “Caught in the Act (of great PR)” Award for her tremendous, ongoing public relations with our community.  She simply gets the job done.  Timely and accurate!  Congratulations Jacqueline!

Next, I want to invite you to our PRSA Coffee and Breakfast Mixer to be held at “Peak Place Coffee” on North Academy Friday, June 23.  The 7:30 to 9 a.m. event is designed to get to know each other in an informal way over great coffee and light foods.  The fee for this event will be $5.

Monday Funday Evening Mixer.  For those who like to add a relaxed and fun book-end to their “Case of the Monday’s,” look for upcoming information on a July mixer on a Monday evening at IvyWild.  This will be a casual sit-down that will allow you to relax and talk about PR or network.  A cash-bar will be open.  There will be no charge to attend the event.   

To RSVP for any of the above events, please send an email to

A “Makeover” for our Pikes Peak PRSA Website! We are in the process of updating our website:  We are working with Infront Webworks on the redesign and added website functionality!  We look forward to showing you the new site later this year!

Finally, I want to thank our wonderful board on the great work they have been doing this year for you.  We enjoy hanging out with each other in our meetings and we genuinely are having fun.  PR can be stressful at times.  Public Relations seems to always make the Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs.  Why not enjoy each other and celebrate the PR wins and life in general? 

I cannot say thanks enough to you for making our Pikes Peak PRSA Chapter a success and enjoyable experience.  We are always looking for new and innovative ways of making your membership exciting and worthwhile.  Please email me or let’s talk over coffee! 

Stay tuned in the next few months… some incredible announcements await!


PRSA Chair Jane Dvorak

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Pro Development 1-Day Workshop, Oct 25

PRSA National Chair Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA

Learn more about Chairperson Jane!

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve our Pikes Peak PRSA Chapter. 

Take care,

PRSA PresidentJP Arnold, APR
President, Pikes Peak PRSA Chapter




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June 14 PRSA Luncheon:

PR Disasters & Daring Recoveries

PR Disaster

We've all been there!  Join us to hear from several Pikes Peak PRSA Board Members and You as we discuss our PR Disasters and Recoveries!

  • Hear PR Disasters relating to Media Relations, Community Relations, Social Media, Event Management


Pikes Peak PRSA Board Members and YOU!

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