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Effective PR is an Art and Science

One thing that I have learned from other PR Pros and my own personal experience is that Public Relations is both an Art and Science profession. 

Neglecting the science portion of PR can be catastrophic for you or your organization.  When I mention science, I am referring to technology and metrics as well.  Burying your head into simply the Art side of PR will yield mostly fluff that might help for a while.    

Today, we have several Science, Technology and Metric tools to assist our PR efforts.  The days of content analysis only on news clippings are long gone.  Google Analytics & Trends, Facebook Insights, Hootsuite, SEO and other technologies are available.  I am a member of the DC Social Media Facebook Group and it seems a new technology comes up every other day. 

The good news is that our April 12 Luncheon will feature some phenomenal  speakers who will share case studies, trends and tips on how to position your PR efforts into a relevant Art and Science platform.  Matthew Palis of Infront Webworks and Laura Benjamin of Communicate Colorado will share their insight with us.  We hope to see you Wednesday, April 12 at The Warehouse.

I also have some exciting news… National PRSA Chair Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA will keynote our Oct. 25 Professional Development Workshop.  She is fantastic!  If you recall, she spoke at our 2015 Workshop held at the Olympic Training Center.  We are finalizing this year’s venue.  Please save the date on this important day of learning and networking. 

Finally, our Pikes Peak PRSA Board will be having a Leadership Retreat Saturday, April 29 at The U.S. Air Force Academy Eisenhower Golf Course.  We hope to work on several items during this half day collaboration effort and have some fun as well!  We have your feedback from this year’s survey.  If you want to submit additional items, please send your comments to  I want to personally thank our board members for using their personal time to help PR Professionals like you!  Salute!

Thank you for being part of our Pikes Peak PR family!

PRSA Chair Jane Dvorak

Save The Date! 

Pro Development 1-Day Workshop, Oct 25

PRSA National Chair Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA

Learn more about Chairperson Jane!

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve our Pikes Peak PRSA Chapter. 

Take care,

PRSA PresidentJP Arnold, APR
President, Pikes Peak PRSA Chapter




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May 10 PRSA Luncheon:

Plan a Five-Star Event on a Two-Star Budget

Join us to hear Krista Heinicke, public relations manager at The Broadmoor, share  principles gleaned from The Broadmoor’s world-class events that can be implemented anywhere – even for those trying to hold five-star events on a two-star budget! Learn how:

  • To plan, publicize and execute an event for your business.
  • To bring create an opportunity to connect customers emotionally to your company and brand.
  • To creatively tie your customers' passions and interests to your company’s products and experiences through events.
  • To understand how public relations professionals play a key role in event planning and execution.

Guest Speaker:  

Kristia Heinicke, food and beverage office and public relations manager, The Broadmoor

RSVP now for the Pikes Peak PRSA Wednesday, May 10  Luncheon! 

Bring a friend, co-worker
or colleague!

Cost: $25 - Non-Member
$20 - Member
$15 - Student

Please RSVP by May 5 at

*Payment is due at event* Cash, check or credit card accepted at the door. Please see the Pikes Peak PRSA Payment Policy.


Chapter Plans March Workshop for Members Pursuing Accreditation

      PRSA members interested in seeking accreditation in public relations will have another opportunity to participate in a Pikes Peak Chapter-sponsored preparation workshop in March.

      Taught by Chapter Accreditation Chair Fred Morgan, APR, Fellow PRSA, and other accredited chapter members, the workshop is normally offered after work for two to two and one-half hours for six consecutive weeks. But the workshop’s final design will depend upon the needs and desires of participants. A fee of $50, payable to the chapter, is charged those who participate in the APR workshop.

      Morgan firmly believes that practitioners should establish professional goals for themselves early in their careers, and that seeking accreditation is one of the most important ones they can choose. “Earning the APR designation indicates that one has demonstrated competency in the knowledge, skills and abilities required to effectively practice PR in today’s world,” he said.

      The accreditation program is administered by the Universal Accreditation  Board, a consortium of nine leading PR organizations, including PRSA.  The
“APR” designation was developed 52 years ago by PRSA, but can now be used by any consortium member who successfully completes a readiness

questionnaire, passes a face-to-face presentation and review conducted by a panel of three accredited members from their chapter, and successfully passes a three-hour, 45-minute, examination administered at numerous testing centers throughout the nation. The test is offered locally by Prometric Testing Centers on North Academy.

      Anyone interested in pursuing accreditation must be a member in good standing of PRSA or another consortium organization, have five years experience in the full-time practice or teaching of PR and have a bachelor’s degree in a communications field or equivalent work experience which includes:

  • PR principles
  • PR writing
  • PR campaigns
  • Research
  • Ethics
  • Law
  • And practical experience under supervision of an experienced practitioner

         The cost of accreditation is $385.  PRSA members receive a $110 rebate upon completion of the test.  If the exam has to be retaken, the fee is $200, provided the retake occurs with six months.

      Accreditation candidates will have chapter support available as they study for both the panel presentation and the examination. “The chapter board of directors purchased six college PR textbooks,” said Morgan, “and these will be available for loan to candidates on a first come, first served basis. I’ve coached a large number of accreditation candidates during the past 24 years, and have achieved the best success with group study involving three to six people.”   This year’s workshop will be the last one taught by Fred Morgan – he plans to give up the accreditation chair at year’s end.

      The Pikes Peak Chapter has one of the strongest accreditation programs in the nation with 23 of its 67 members accredited – 34 percent of the chapter.  The national average is between 19 and 20 percent.

      Members interested in learning more about earning their APR should check out the Universal Accreditation Board website at Those interested should then contact Fred Morgan at 488-8352 or The deadline to sign up for the March workshop is February 15.

      The APR designation, once earned, is a lifetime accreditation. Accredited members must complete maintenance requirements every three years, however.

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