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Thoughts on Blogging and Our New Chapter Blog

Dec. 19, 2011

If you check the internet, you’ll find there are literally thousands of blogs on every conceivable topic imaginable. Some are very well written and are entertaining, poignant, profound or inspiring. Other blogs, sadly, are only read by the author’s mother and his or hers stalker.

I’ve found that the most readable blogs are not only well written and personable, but more importantly, have something important to say that leads me to think and/or feel. Those thoughts and feelings may be positive or negative, but the blogger has accomplished a goal. Occasionally, some of the best blogs become viral and spark a dialogue, debate, and sometimes even societal change.  

This is not to say that every well written blog will be as important to one reader as it might be to another. For example, I enjoy the occasional blog on parenting and the calamities of motherhood, but since I don’t have children, those are not usually the type of blogs I feel driven to read every day. But hey, that's just me.

Which brings me to my point… I think the members of the Pikes Peak PRSA chapter do have something important to say. I would be interested in reading a blog about our members’ thoughts on the public relations industry, local PR issues, chapter changes and issues, their own PR challenges and victories, and much more. Not only would these blogs be interesting, since they will revolve around public relations, but I think these will also be very informative and educational.

My hope is that our chapter blog will include some great benchmarking, tips, ideas and lessons learned. An added bonus is that we’ll see first-hand the outstanding caliber of PR professionals we have right here in Southern Colorado.

So, I lay down the gauntlet to our members to submit their blog entries for inclusion in our new Pikes Peak PRSA Chapter Blog. Personally, I’d like to see at least one blog a month, but I would be absolutely thrilled to post a new blog every week.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to send this blog to my mother and my stalker.

Stacey KnottHappy blogging,

Stacey Knott
Communications Chair
Pikes Peak PRSA Chapter      

Chapter members, please submit your public relations related blog entries to Stacey Knott at