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The Changing Lens of the Camera: iPhoneogaphy

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending my first PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference in Memphis, TN. Topics from the conference ranged from PR measurement, how to pitch lifestyle editors and more. I think my biggest takeaway and one of the most intriguing sessions was done by photographer Jack Hollingsworth. As an award-winning world photographer, Jack has probably used some of the most advanced and amazing camera technology available, however, he now chooses to mostly shoot with is iPhone 5.

During his presentation, Jack showcased how on assignment shoots he would use his DSLR camera and take some shots with his iPhone 5. Over the course of multiple months he started seeing less and less difference between the two mediums. With a few equipment additions and the right eye, this is now his preferred way of shooting. In the PR world, we all know how compelling an image can be to create a story. Here are some tips and apps to help turn your iPhone into an amazing capture device:

  • Content trumps craft, intriguing images are just that.
  • Have a high “shoot to share” ratio – take 100 photos for each one shared.
  • Always be on the lookout for a stream of content, especially on Instagram as a platform.
  • The iPhone works ideally in “light, bright and white” elements, usually best in outdoors.
  • Post one photo a day, like two photos and provide insightful comments on three to gain followers and interest.
  • Sponsor photographers to take photos of your product, destination, etc.

Tools of the trade

  • A great addition to an iPhone photographers is the Oloclip (around $79).
  • A Mophie Powerpack helps battery life when using the camera for long periods of time.
  • Some popular apps include SnapSeed and Picfx.

Jack mentioned that he understands not everyone has an iPhone, and while he still has love for Android, they really just can’t accomplish what he is seeing with the iPhone 5 and he expects it get even more advanced with the newer versions to come.

You can see a very cool video created with the photos from Jack’s Instagram feed here.


Chesly Murphy
Vice President/Program Chair
Pikes Peak PRSA