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Networking: A Great Benefit of Membership

By Fred Morgan, APR, Fellow PRSA
March 14, 2012

I’ve long felt that networking is one of the most valuable benefits of PRSA membership.  Whether you make contact with fellow members during our monthly chapter meetings or seek out individuals by phone, it’s great to know that other practitioners are there to provide professional advice and guidance.
In years past, we provided our members copies of our chapter membership roster as a networking tool.  Now, the roster is available to members in good standing through the PRSA website,  Here’s the best way to find the roster:

  • Go to
  • Click on “My PRSA” at the top right side of the home page
  • Enter your PRSA login and password (provided by letter when you joined)
  • Go to “My Volunteer Resources” and click on “Chapter Reports”
  • From the Pikes Peak Chapter Dashboard, select the desired report format (I prefer the “Chapter Roster by Last_First”)

Chapter rosters are a handy resource, providing complete contact information for each of our members.  PRSA updates them daily, so feel free to print copies whenever the need arises.