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Effective PR is an Art and Science

One thing that I have learned from other PR Pros and my own personal experience is that Public Relations is both an Art and Science profession. 

Neglecting the science portion of PR can be catastrophic for you or your organization.  When I mention science, I am referring to technology and metrics as well.  Burying your head into simply the Art side of PR will yield mostly fluff that might help for a while.    

Today, we have several Science, Technology and Metric tools to assist our PR efforts.  The days of content analysis only on news clippings are long gone.  Google Analytics & Trends, Facebook Insights, Hootsuite, SEO and other technologies are available.  I am a member of the DC Social Media Facebook Group and it seems a new technology comes up every other day. 

The good news is that our April 12 Luncheon will feature some phenomenal  speakers who will share case studies, trends and tips on how to position your PR efforts into a relevant Art and Science platform.  Matthew Palis of Infront Webworks and Laura Benjamin of Communicate Colorado will share their insight with us.  We hope to see you Wednesday, April 12 at The Warehouse.  RSVP at

I also have some exciting news… National PRSA Chair Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA will keynote our Oct. 25 Professional Development Workshop.  She is fantastic!  If you recall, she spoke at our 2015 Workshop held at the Olympic Training Center.  We are finalizing this year’s venue.  Please save the date on this important day of learning and networking:  Wed., October 25th! 

Finally, our Pikes Peak PRSA Board will be having a Leadership Retreat Saturday, April 29 at The U.S. Air Force Academy Eisenhower Golf Course.  We hope to work on several items during this half day collaboration effort and have some fun as well!  We have your feedback from this year’s survey.  If you want to submit additional items, please send your comments to  I want to personally thank our board members for using their personal time to help PR Professionals like you!  Salute!

Thank you for being part of our Pikes Peak PR family!

PRSA Chair Jane Dvorak

Save The Date! 

Pro Development 1-Day Workshop, Oct 25

PRSA National Chair Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA

Learn more about Chairperson Jane!

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve our Pikes Peak PRSA Chapter. 

Take care,

PRSA PresidentJP Arnold, APR
President, Pikes Peak PRSA Chapter